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The 1000th Koozie Party

It was on September 17, 2017 that I got the 1000th Koozie of the collection!

I had about 975 koozies in my collection on the day of the party. To get into the party you had to bring a koozie. Your koozie was tagged with your name and then wrapped in a paper bag and put in a box.

Then we started the drawing process! For every 5th koozie drawn, the person who entered that koozie won a prize. Prizes for koozie 980, 985....

Then we got to 999. The next koozie drawn would become koozie number 1000 in the collection and whoever brought that koozie would win a Texas Micky of Crown Royal and an Ipad.

The winner turned out to be my Mother-in-law Deb and the koozie was the perfect piece for the collection.

This koozie now sits in a box on its own shelf in the koozie room and gets used on some special occasions.

On that day I got about 150 new koozies from family and friends and now 3 years later, the collection is over 2200!

Maybe another similar party for number 2500!?


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