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The Koozie Collection that turned into a business
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I got my first koozie from a collector/user/lover during a river boat poker rally in 2010. 






This collection of Beer Sleeves continues to grow with the help of friends, family members and complete strangers. Every Sleeve in my collection had been used and each one has a unique story and memory.

During the day, I work as a Journeyman Electrician but my passion is in Brewski Blazers. With the help of my wife, at the beginning of 2019, we started creating and releasing high quality, unique Beer Sleeves.  My goal is to get a Signature Brewski Blazer into every home.   New designs being dreamt and created daily.  


Thanks for stopping by,

George Shantz

CEO Brewski Blazers 


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Brewski Blazer Soundtrack

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