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3 Reasons To Use A Koozie

"You just need to drink your beer faster" As a "Koozie" collector and enthusiast, I've heard them all. But after thousands of uses with hundreds of different designs, I have learned the major benefits of using a beer sleeve.

1) Keeps your Beer Cold. It's their main purpose. The reason for their existence. And they do a pretty good job. Science even proves it! In this article in Physics Today, tests prove that using a beer sleeve keeps your beer colder by keeping condensation off of your can.

2) Identification. You know when you're at a party and everyone has a drink on the go, the last thing you want to do is take a slug out of uncle Larrys dippin' can. Being able to identify your Beer throughout the party is a huge bonus.

3) Nostalgia/Memories. There is just something magical about using a koozie that you got from a concert 6 years ago. Or one that was a gift from your Mom when she was on vacation in Texas. Or a vintage one that you found in a back alley with your best friend. Each Koozie has a story to tell ands its just waiting for the next drink to carry on its legacy.

So before you head out for you next adventure, make sure you toss a "koozie" into your back pocket!


About the Author

I have been collecting koozies and testing out different designs and styles since 2010. The collection has become one of the biggest and most unique in the world and continues to grow daily. You can follow along with the story at and on our Instagram account.

George Shantz


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